Landscape photography with the focus on you and less on the gear


Learn how to take amazing landscape photos focusing on you and less on your gear. Start now and see the results immediately

Don't let the camera control you

  • Struggling with aperture and shutter speed?
  • Are your photos are blurry and out of focus.
  • Are your photos too bright or too dark?

No camera can compensate for bad composition

  • Composition is to take chaos into order
  • Light is the most important element in photography
  • Composition takes your photography to the next level

No more dull and boring landscape photos

  • All digital photos need some level of editing
  • All the best photos on the Internet are edited
  • All pros edit their photos
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landscape-photography-northern lights photography
landscape-photography-sunset reine lofoten norway

The style of teaching is simple, straightforward yet informative

I find the information Kim provides to be very informative and to the point. There is always something interesting to learn. I like the way he keeps providing me with those little things that make a big difference.

Henk Liebenberg

Every article is filled with great advice on a new topic

I have found that when Kim covers a subject which I know quite a bit about, still, I find several nuggets I didn't know before. But just as often, he covers a topic that is new to me and it then motivates me to get 'out there' and try the technique for myself. My composition is better, my photos now have a clear subject and I now have the basics of how to make the subject stand out in a photo. Sometimes it's hard to critique my photos but if others can be believed my photos have improved noticeably since I've been reading the blog and newsletter

Al Durtschi
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