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Hi there, I'm Kim

I believe if you have a dream you can do it.

Landscape photographers get to a point where they realize they have skills that in some way can earn them a little money from their hobby. Some photographers even turn the photography into a profitable business. 

You're never too young or too old. I went from a corporate job where I was privileged to travel all over the world, to being a full time photographer, after I turned 50. Since then I’ve never looked back. 

I'm here to teach everything I know about landscape photography and photography as a business.

Here is what some of my readers have to say

The style of teaching is simple, straightforward yet informative

I find the information Kim provides to be very informative and to the point. There is always something interesting to learn. I like the way he keeps providing me with those little things that make a big difference.

Henk Liebenberg

Every article is filled with great advice on a new topic

I have found that when Kim covers a subject which I know quite a bit about, still, I find several nuggets I didn't know before. But just as often, he covers a topic that is new to me and it then motivates me to get 'out there' and try the technique for myself. My composition is better, my photos now have a clear subject and I now have the basics of how to make the subject stand out in a photo. Sometimes it's hard to critique my photos but if others can be believed my photos have improved noticeably since I've been reading the blog and newsletter

Al Durtschi