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Hi, I am Kim,

A self-trained photographer with a special passion for landscape photography. I have been photographing since I was a kid and that is quite some year ago now. My passion for photography started in the darkroom back in the film days. The learning curve back then was steep. There was no instant feedback on the back of the camera if the exposure was good or not. The waiting to have the film developed was sometimes a very long wait.

Digital darkroom

Nowadays with digital we can see the image immediately, and we can make the necessary adjustments if the composition or exposure is not as we expected. The wealth of information available on the Internet makes learning photography now much easier. Over the years, I have learned a lot of techniques and Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom has become the new “darkrooms” for me. I enjoy the post processing part of the photography as much as I love making the photos out in the field.

Travel photography

Besides photography, I love traveling. The last 15 years I have been fortunate to travel a lot all over the world in my day job. I have alway brought my camera with me on all these trips.

My take on gear

I am not that much of technical guy, so I have not been one of those rushing to the camera store to get the latest gear. I am not much of a pixel peeper” either, digging into photos to look for noise. As long as you don’t make huge prints most cameras and lenses on the market today are making good quality images.

My take on this is the photographers make the difference and not the gear. On www.landscape2art.com you will find very little in-depth technical stuff. Instead, the focus is on how you as a photographer can use the camera you have to your advantage and make the best out of any situation.

Composition and light is my thing

Composition and Creativity are in my opinion much more important than gear. It is you - the photographer - that makes the difference. I love composition, light and the creativity behind the photo. In my previous day job I traveled the world teaching medical diagnostics to health care professionals. Now I will to teach you everything possible about landscape photography.

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