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16 surefire landscape photography tips for beginners

Landscape photography tips for beginners are often focusing on camera settings and basic composition rules. These are essential and important techniques you must know. But starting out as a beginner landscape photographer is so much more. It is easy to think you can become a great landscape photographer by reading and watching photography related videos. Books […]

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Seascape photography tips

Seascape photography is a very popular genre of landscape photography. Beautiful seascape images have a lot of mood and emotion. I grew up near the sea, so it is not strange I’m attracted both to the sea and seascape photography. Not everyone is lucky to live near the sea and lovely beaches. In lack of coastal […]

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Explore city landscape photography

City landscape photography to me is about photographing the city from a distance.Urban landscape photography that I have written about in this article is about photographing what is inside the city. City landscape photography is often skylines photographed at night. If you don’t live in a big city with the typical skyline you can still photograph […]

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Creative urban landscape photography tips and more

Urban landscape photography is a popular genre among photographers. When I think of landscape photography, it is often wide open vistas, mountains, and sea. But landscape photography can be more. The Urban landscape is related to cityscape, architecture and street photography. In urban landscapes, we preferably want to avoid too many people in the images. When […]

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17 ideas for rural landscape photography

Rural landscape photography is in many ways similar to photographing urban landscapes. The difference is rural photography is about capturing the “life” in the countryside. Of some reasons I like to think of rural as something “old” while urban is mostly modern. I prefer not to include humans in my rural landscapes. Some will disagree and […]

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