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The photography histogram – a little known tool to help you make better photos.

The photography histogram is one of the most underused features in a digital camera and in editing software. Many photographers don’t even know it’s there.  Understanding how the histogram works is not only of great help when you photograph, but also when you edit your photos. Difficult light conditions are the most common challenges for landscape […]

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What is landscape photography?

Landscape is one of the most popular genres of photography. But what is landscape photography and why is it so popular?We all live in or near beautiful landscapes if we look around usWe all love the beautiful colors often seen in landscape photosWe all identify with landscapes as subjectsLandscape photography is more dependent on artistry […]

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Landscape photography secrets – 5 tips to be aware

Ready for a surprise?Well, the truth is there are no landscape photography secrets. Instead of being secrets they are rather a hidden knowledge beginner photographers are not aware. This knowledge is obvious when you know about them. Even if you are aware of “the secrets” it does not mean landscape photography become easy, far from […]

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