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16 surefire landscape photography tips for beginners

Landscape photography tips for beginners are often focusing on camera settings and basic composition rules. These are essential and important techniques you must know. But starting out as a beginner landscape photographer is so much more. It is easy to think you can become a great landscape photographer by reading and watching photography related videos. Books […]

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What is shutter speed in photography?

The shutterOne of the most frequent questions I get is “what is shutter speed in photography and how do I us it?” The shutter is a mechanism inside your camera. You can think of the shutter as a curtain. When the curtain (shutter) is open, light is allowed into the room (camera).Shutter speedThe shutter speed […]

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Important landscape photography equipment to consider

In landscape photography, equipment fortunately does not have to be very expensive. You can do fine with just a camera and nothing else if you want. Discussing gear is popular in all photography genres. But is gear the most important factor for great images? I will argue not. Many photographers will disagree with this statement. What […]

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Why use a tripod for landscape photography?

For landscape photography, a tripod is probably the most important equipment you should own besides the camera. If you have a good camera with an expensive lens and you do not use a tripod you will not get the most out of the camera and lens. The more megapixels your camera has, the more important it […]

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