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What is photography composition?

The purpose of photography composition is to make a well-balanced photo. This balance and harmony are achieved when the different elements in the photo are positioned relative to each other in a pleasing way.The goal is to keep the viewers attentionThe composition of a photo is what keeps the viewer in the photograph to further […]

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Lightroom presets – a startup guide

What are Lightroom presets?Lightroom presets are small files that store specific adjustments you make to an image in Lightroom. These settings can be recalled by one click on the saved preset. Using presets can be a fast and effective way of editing you images. However, there are a few things you need to be aware of […]

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Seascape photography tips

Seascape photography is a very popular genre of landscape photography. Beautiful seascape images have a lot of mood and emotion. I grew up near the sea, so it is not strange I’m attracted both to the sea and seascape photography. Not everyone is lucky to live near the sea and lovely beaches. In lack of coastal […]

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